Thursday 1 September 2016

Quarterly Crafternoons Gathering June, 2016

Our sponsorship application has been given a big tick and we now have the funds to continue into the coming year!!
The Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Bank  have pledged $2400 to keep us up and happening. Each year, these finds go to purchasing materials, paying tutors, banners and a little bit of admin.

So on this post I would like to share a little bit of what happened during our June gathering. I wish their was volume because you would hear lots of chatting, lots of laughing and lots of fun.

This gathering was run on just  $56 dollars. Everything I purchase using the sponsorship money stays in craft boxes under my house and are brought to good use every 3 months.

Thank you everyone for joining in and making these gatherings a  joy to facilitate xx

Yours in Craft
Le Boatwood

a hive of activity creating bonnets for charity

busy creative hands at Amanda's card making workshop

doin' it the right way, with a chocolate muffin- nice!

Love seeing other people's work and gorgeous tins!

we were blessed with a gorgeous, creative homeschooling family- thanks for coming along guys

this was ruby's first time using a sewing machine- what a joy to be a part of

more bits and bobs

bonnet for charity being lovingly created

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it was a free for all on the beading table

just love this building

busy hands, relaxed minds

Monday 6 June 2016

Quarterly Crafternoons 2016


We are looking forward to re-establishing our crafty community connections after a bit of a break after having to cancel our March gathering. Suddenly life was upon me and I had 4 other things to attend to that week!! So I do apologise- nice to know it was missed though!!

Perfectly Party Worthy pom pom earrings from our December gathering last year
 I am currently waiting with slight desperation to hear if our sponsorship from the Warburton and Yarra Junction Community Banks will be granted. We currently have $11 in the kitty! The sponsorship for these events is the only way we can keep this event free. With Yarra Ranges Council supporting us with a free venue if the event is kept free for participants, a generous contribution to our 'crafting together' cause.

Amanda's card making workshops are always a hit with her technique driven session and quality materials

SO, this Wednesday is our June gathering where we welcome Amanda once again with her beautiful papers and 3D project. We are excited to have the bag- making -mania of Plastic Bag Free Warburton again to spread the word of making Warburton the first Plastic Bag Free town in the Valley. I'll support that thank you very much!

It would be wonderful to our regulars and some new faces. Come along and join in the fun.

Wednesday 8th June
11 til 3.30
Bring a plate (it's hard to leave
Bring a friend (the more the merrier)
Bring your crafty Show n Tell ( we like to see what others are up to)
Bring a current project or join a workshop.

Workshops start at 11.30.
Yours In Craft
Le Boatwood

Here's a link to Event on facebook- Quarterly Crafternoons,  June 2016